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Sharon’s passion for jewelry began at the age of ten while visiting an art exhibit with her mother. As she took in the work, she was struck by a display containing hand-made silver jewelry. This was her first time considering hand-crafting jewelry, and she was instantly intrigued. In highschool she took a silversmithing class to explore her interest further. Several years later, Sharon was producing jewelry in her free time while studying for a bachelors physics. After encouragement from her friends she decided to take the leap and began creating jewelry full time. She later earned her diamond grading certificate in 1975 and took an advanced stone setting class in 1985. Beyond this however, Sharon is entirely self taught. Now with over 40 years of jewelers experience under her belt, her creative energy is stronger than ever.

Working in gold and carved stone comprise some of Sharon's favorite mediums. Her expertise extends to high fire enamel, and silver. All of which are complemented by beautifly cut, natural gemstones. Inspiration from nature, and themes of movement and change can clearly be seen in each piece. Many clients come to her to commision pieces that represent periods of change in their own lives. Thus change has become a philosophy throughout her entire body of work. Experimentation with new techniques is the hallmark of Jewelry by Sharon Amber. No earring, pendant, ring, or bracelet is the same as the last.

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